Back from Arizona


We were in Arizona to visit with my in-laws over the past several days. I must once again marvel at what good travelers my two little boys are. They don’t generally make a big fuss, even on long travel days. That said, it’s still hard as heck to travel (I mean the getting-from-here-to-there part) with two young children. There’s no down time, and for some reason both Bill and I have the near-Pavlovian response of wanting to go to sleep as soon as we get on an airplane.

Once there, it was much easier. My mother-in-law in particular is crazy about the boys and is young and energetic enough to be an ideal playmate with them. She will enthusiastically play whatever game Akiva starts: dinosaurs, umbrella store, castle, you name it, and she’ll hold Gideon every chance she gets. For all my complaining about not feeling “at home” with them as people, my in-laws are terrific hosts.

My mother-in-law even arranged for me to have a massage while visiting. (They live in a resort community which has a clubhouse with pool, gym, spa, restaurant, etc.) She booked me a massage, took care of both kids while I was in there, and brought the baby to nurse directly after the appointment. (Of course, the whole time I was getting worked on, I was thinking, “I hope the baby is ok, I hope the baby is ok…” but that’s only because I’m crazy!)

Anyway, I surprised myself by enjoying the trip a lot. It was nice to have my day-to-day duties lessened so much, and it was really nice to see how much Akiva enjoys his grandmother’s company.


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