The high ho job is still a possibility; I’m still up in the air about it. I thought I had decided against doing it after the stressful first reading of my friend’s piece. Then the second reading (when I was healthy) went brilliantly, and it felt good to be making contact with that other part of my life.

In terms of logistics, the job is really crazy. It’s in Mississippi, at my sister’s shul, which means that being on the road would have to figure into the planning. We don’t have a babysitter that the kids know down there, we would be living in a hotel room (can’t stay with my sister when there’s a gig involved because she has a cat and I’m allergic), Bill would have to miss the evening services in order to attend to the boys. It’s hairy.

And yet Bill just came in here and said he thinks I should do it. He wants to see me have opportunities to do what I love to do. He wants to be able to spend the holidays with family. He wants to help me do what I do. (He’s a keeper, I tell you.)

In other news, I just got a voice mail message from someone who wants to talk to me about singing on a new music concert in the fall.

What’s up with that?


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