Six random things about me


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Herewith six random things about me. If you read this (Does anyone?) you’re tagged too.

1.  I adore crossword puzzles and used to do several per week.  I fell way off the wagon when my second son was born, but I still have a pile in arrears.  I once contemplated chucking them but so far I haven’t followed through.

2.  My first son’s name was chosen well in advance of his birth.  (I had one prepared for a girl, too.)  My second son’s name was given on the fly.  His middle name was his first name for a day until I decided it wasn’t right.  One of the girl names I’d been contemplating for him was (unbeknownst to me) my paternal great-grandmother’s name, Malka.  I just found out in conversation with my dad the other day that that was his grandmother’s name.

3.  I love flannel sheets.  I use them year round.  In winter, I add a down comforter.  In summer, just the flannel sheets.  I need to be covered by something when I’m sleeping, no matter how hot it is.

4.  I hate cutting my food.  I will go to great lengths to avoid it.

5.  I watched General Hospital for well over 25 years.  My sisters made fun of me when I started, then proceeded to join me in my nasty habit for many years.  We’re all done with it now, but we still have favorite lines and moments that we quote.  

6.  I sometimes think the key to world peace is intermarriage, but I blanche at the thought of either of my boys being married in a church wedding.  I am a first class hypocrite.


3 thoughts on “Six random things about me

  1. ibex67

    I read you! I even get you as a RSS feed so as not to miss one. I would say that I would blog the same meme, but I already am in the middle of 2 other posts I’m not finished with!

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