2 thoughts on “Thursday is Farm Day, a brain dump

  1. I think it was beautiful and organized, too. The organizing thread was “one thing that’s important to me” — eating good stuff and how that is related to your dad’s garden, your garden and your farm share (of which I am absurdly jealous…actually I’m pretty jealous of your own garden, too!)

    And the grousing was important, too. Even if not food-related. 🙂

    I’ve been dying to know what you’ve been up to, and now I know. Keep on writin’.

  2. anna v

    I’m gonna be obnoxious and ask how well mulched your garden is. With a good straw mulch, weeds should be kept to a minimum and you should not need to weed much at all. I put down a layer of shredded paper and a layer of straw and compost if I have it.

    I weed once a year.

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