I subscribe to a handful of blogs that purport to help readers get better organized or simplify their lives.  I read them with some degree of interest and enthusiasm, but I never seem to adopt any of the proffered suggestions.  This morning as I was reading the gorgeous Small Notebook, I had a radical thought: “I think I  kind of like living in chaos.”



2 thoughts on “Aha.

  1. You’re too kind. Getting better organized is really just something to use only if it helps. It’s not the goal itself. So find the best plan that works for you, it might look totally different from someone else’s system.

  2. This is so funny, Naomi — I’m working on an article for the Ledger about getting organized (based on a true story.) I’ve talked with a few professional organizers, and they all stress that organization is a very individual thing, so what works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

    And if chaos is your thing, and it works, I see no problem with it!

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