Bathing on Wall Street


Our lifestyle, up to now, has been supported by the interest on a stock portfolio that Bill inherited (small) and invested (smart) until we could live off it (big).  On Monday, the stock we were most invested in tanked.  We may or may not have a cushion but right now we are operating under the assumption that the stock market money is no longer there for us.

Yesterday, Bill went to put almost all of his wristwatch collection (worth many thousands of dollars) on consignment, including two he had hoped to pass onto our boys.  In smaller potatoes, he also returned my iPhone to the Apple Store. We have laid off our therapists, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, acupuncturist, etc.  Pretty much everything except our health insurance (Bill made a brilliant deal for this) and nursery school tuition is off the table.

There will be changes afoot.  Like jobs.  Like budgeting.  Like growing up.


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