(not) Watching the election coverage


I am neurotic.  (Surprise!)  So neurotic that when I’m watching a baseball game I care about and the pitcher I favor throws two balls in a row, I start to get antsy and call for a pitching change.  (Yes, Bill laughs at me, as well he should.)

Last night, I was feeling likewise antsy about the election returns.  I wanted to know, but I didn’t want to get all up in a lather.  As usual, I had a bunch of busy work that needed my attention, so I kept the laptop nearby with some tabs of electoral maps (and the all-important Facebook friends page) and tried to do my busy work.  Every now and then (ok, obsessively) I would check on how things were looking and try to adjust my breathing accordingly. As the eastern states were looking bluish, I was feeling somewhat optimistic, but I dreaded the filling in of the middle states.  I knew McCain was going to take some, and I knew I was going to have that panicky pitching-change feeling.  Even after Pennsylvania and Virginia I still was feeling valium-ready.

Of the three maps I was following, the one at nytimes.com was the most cautious, so when, after a spate of busy work, I checked in there and saw OBAMA in huge letters, I finally realized it was going to work out after all, that my team was going to win!

It’s good this presidential election business only happens every four years!  The old ticker can’t take it!


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