Happy? Anniversary


Thanks for the title, Julie.

Monday was my twelfth wedding anniversary.  It was not a banner day, to put it mildly.  I’ve had a hellacious cold since we returned from California, which automatically gives me bit of a bad attitude.  The go-round with Bill about getting gainful employment continues.  He’s managing about one “try” a week, which doesn’t feel like enough to me.  Not that I relish being on my own with all the household stuff (lots of ambivalence here) but this in-between business is not much to my liking.  I feel like I’m entirely at the mercy of Bill’s getting motivated to earn us some dough.  (I suppose I could go look for a job and cold-turkey the baby…  But then what could I bitch at my husband about?  Meh, I’m sure I’d find something.)

Hey, grammarians, like the way I verbed cold turkey?  I think the hyphen makes it ok, don’t you?!

Anyway, for our big fancy anniversary celebration, we’d booked a babysitter for the evening, with plans to go to the movies.  On Saturday, we even checked the various cinema web sites for show times and reviews.  We decided we’d go to Waltham, which had several movie selections that interested us, all in the 7:15 to 7:30 range.  Getting Gideon to go to sleep is not an exact science (and is only available to certain expert practitioners) but we figured we were within reasonable expectations.

Monday night, Bill got Gideon to sleep (he’s the only one who can) around 6:45, then we dashed out the door, leaving Akiva delighted at the prospect of having Sarah tuck him in.  We went to Waltham, parked the car, practically jogged to the cinema entrance, only to find that weekend show times and weekday show times have nothing in common.  The next available movie was W.  At 8. 

The babysitter clock was ticking.

Being uninterested in waiting nearly an hour for a movie we didn’t want to see, we got back in the car and drove to West Newton to see if, by some miracle, they had reasonable show times.  They didn’t.

We walked across the street to the drugstore to see if we could find a newspaper to check listings at other theatres.  The drugstore only had tabloids by that time, and (news flash) tabloids don’t list movie times.

Tick tock tick tock.

We crossed over to the doughnut shop to see if there might be a newspaper lying around.  No dice.  We waited in the nice long line to get change so we could buy a newspaper.  By this time it was almost 7:40 and we were really grouchy.  Looking through the listings, we decided on Synecdoche, New York, the new Charlie Kaufman film.

At Waltham.

At eight.

We were almost late.


One thought on “Happy? Anniversary

  1. Not only did I like the way you verbed cold-turkey; I loved the way you verbed “verbed.”

    Well, Happy Anniversary. I spent my twelfth anniversary in an induced labor with Timmy. Well, not the whole day, as he was born at some point.

    But I get it — not what you had envisioned for your anniversary. Hope you enjoyed the movie, anyway.

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