Out of the blue


I received an email message yesterday from someone at the Salzburg Festival Society.  No, they weren’t asking me to sing the soprano solos in the Mozart Requiem (although they should).  They were seeking permission to use some translations of mine in a concert program for next week.

I hadn’t seen or thought of the translations in a while (I made them years ago), and when I did, I thought, “These are ok but they could be better.”

I proposed to the guy that he give me a day to spruce them up, and if he liked the newer versions he could publish them with my name on them.  I also explained (chutzpah alert) that the financial crisis had hit our family hard, and if he had the budget for it, I would welcome a small honorarium.

I tidied up the translations really fast (they’re good now!) and sent them to him.  He offered me comps to the concert and a limited edition booklet of the history of the Salzburg Festival.  I know he expects me to sell these items, but I fear I might be tempted to keep the booklet.

Now I just have to figure out how to sell off the tickets so I can make a few bucks.


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