The obligatory thankfulness post


Despite the festival of complaint that this blog has become recently, I am very thankful this year.  I’m thankful that my two children are with me and in good health, and that despite some setbacks our family life is a happy one.  I’m thankful that I am part of an extended family and community that help to ease the burdens that life sometimes lands on our backs.  I’m thankful to live in a country that affords everyone the opportunity to improve his or her situation.  

We’ll be leaving my sister’s house soon to drive en masse to my brother’s house, where three generations of us will be gathered together to share a delicious meal and each other’s company.  

Plus, my brother’s making bagels for tomorrow morning!

Life is good.


One thought on “The obligatory thankfulness post

  1. Andrea

    I read your note at SmallNotebook. Some years ago, we decided that our Chanukah had become the Jewish version of the Mall Christmas(as differentiated from the real Christmas). I cut back on the gifts for our kids and emphasized merely lighting the candles- and homemade latkes. We will have a buffet latke dinner/party for some friends to see our daughter home from college. We will all light our menorahs and sing a few songs. Usually we socialize outside the house and I am trying to get back to having people over more in a way that is not stressful(simple meals, no planned activity)

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