Wholly weak


I don’t think it always lines up like this, but this year Passover falls smack in the middle of Christian Holy Week.  (Maybe it does always line up thus but I never noticed because I never had a job in a Catholic church before?!)  Anyway, Wednesday and Thursday nights are seder nights.  Friday night (you know, shabbat!) I cantor a Good Friday service.  Saturday night I sing in the choir for Easter Vigil, which everyone tells me is a marathon.  Sunday morning, because I am a Jewish saint (no, actually because I need the money) I am cantoring an 8 a.m. mass and singing in the choir at the 11:30 mass.

The rationalization currently taking place is whether it makes sense to go home between 9 and 11:30 on Sunday morning or whether I ought to save the gas and just hole up in a coffee shop and read the New York Times on the day it’s actually published, for pete’s sake.


One thought on “Wholly weak

  1. coffee and the NY Times, without a doubt! (a) it’ll be a lovely break and (b) better to wait to go home until after the mass, so that you’re completely “there”, rather than just touching base before you dash out again.

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