Cool welcome


In the past few weeks, I have been brought up short several times.  It goes down something like this: someone who is familiar at least with the skeleton of my situation asks me how things are going.  I give an honest answer, telling of how much I struggle to learn to do my job well, how much I miss being able to give my children the kind of attention and support I used to do, how much I feel like I’m spinning all the time.  My interlocutor says breezily, “Welcome to reality.”

Sometimes this charming welcome comes with a bonus explanation of how easy my life used to be.

I’m not so sure that’s helpful, but there it is.


4 thoughts on “Cool welcome

  1. Oh my GOSH what an insensitive thing to say. Please forgive me if I’ve even said anything in the neighborhood of that.

    Maybe your new answer to such people is “fine.” You’re doing fine. You know who your true confidants are (right?) Save the details for them.

    Sending support and love your way this Sunday morning.

  2. wisekaren

    Those people must have forgotten that *they* asked how you’re doing and instead imagined that you ran up to them and said, “I’m so unfortunate; listen to my tale of woe!”

    As you are no doubt aware, these people are in fact just envious that you at least had several years of the kind of life most of us only dream of. I know I am, but I sure hope I have never sounded like those other people in my emails or blog comments.

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