Third stroller’s the charm


I wrote last week about my stroller problems, and how they were about to be solved thanks to the incredible generosity of a group of neighborhood mothers.  Well, solved they were.  A few days after I wrote that post, I made arrangements to claim a new-old stroller.  When I went to pick it up, I felt like I’d won the lottery.  It was beautiful and clean, and it filled my heart that someone would give it to me without asking anything in return.

I used it several times, including when I took both boys with me to drop off a plate of home-baked cookies for the family who gave it to us.

I lovingly parked it between bays in my garage when it was not in use.

Then it happened.

It drifted slightly to one side, and when I drove into the garage one day last week, I nudged it ever so gently with the car (to move it over!) and busted the wheel.

Luckily I’d had five more offers so I chose another kind soul at random and made arrangements to claim another stroller.  Again I felt like I’d won the lottery (maybe even the grand prize this time; this one has cup-holders!) as I took possession, tenderly hoping this one would last me more than a week.

I swore to myself I would not run it over with the car.  I think that may help.


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