Earlier this week, I was feeling very much at odds with my kids.  The school vacation week started with quite a bit of rain, but really it wasn’t so much about the weather as about general difficulties of adjusting to the new world and my feeling burnt out but having little recourse.  At some point, though, the fog just lifted and I remembered who my kids are — and who I am.

It also helped that my friend loaned me a copy of Charlotte’s Web and I started reading it with Akiva.  The past few days have found us snuggled on the couch during Gideon’s nap, reading about Fern and Wilbur and Templeton and all the rest.  It is just this kind of unhurried, sweet, intimate time — a substitute, perhaps, for the nursing Akiva no longer does — that keeps us not just at peace but in love.

Although the tickets were well out of my price range, I booked for us to see Charlotte’s Web this Sunday at Wheelock Family Theatre.  Just us two.


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