It’s done.


My husband doesn’t talk much.  I mean, he can make small chat quite well (I envy that) but he doesn’t like to sit still and talk things out.  Despite his having been a math major in college, he’s not one for showing his work.  He churns and cogitates and eventually comes up with an answer, which he sometimes says out loud and sometimes just executes.  (I was going to say summarily, but it’s not as bad as all that!)

While I’ve been agonizing over the JCDS question, Bill’s hard drive has been hard at work.  Last night he said something along these lines: “I’ve been thinking about this and we have enough of a cushion underneath us to do this thing, at least for the first year or two, by which time I’ll either have sold off the Daniel Roth (a watch he commissioned) or this job will have started to cook or both.  Worst case: we send him to JCDS for a few years, and he has that solid foundation that he can build on with tutors and other supplementals.”

I don’t much care for this working-it-out-in-his-head quality my husband has, but when he comes up with the right answer, I’m more willing to overlook it.  Truth to tell, the amount of talking he did about it last night is a distinct improvement over his usual.  He slept on it and said again this morning that he’s comfortable with his decision.

I talked with my parents and they are still willing to help us as they’re able.  (I must do something really nice for them.  There is really no amount of cookies — even my cookies — that can approximate the value of their support.)

Early this afternoon, I phoned the finance guy at JCDS, put my hand over my heart, and said we’re in.

For the first time in a while, my tears are tears of joy.


3 thoughts on “It’s done.

  1. So glad to hear about this, especially after your last post. He is a good man, although I’d definitely mark him off for not showing his work. 😉

  2. David

    This is great news! I’m sorry I’m a few days late reading it. I know this is really important to you, and it’s good to hear that Bill’s on board and you’ve decided to make it happen. I think it’s the right choice. Congratulations!

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