Six-word memoirs


Each day I’m feeling more and more in balance about my erstwhile friend.  I do miss him, but I also feel like I can handle it, and it’s not as big a disaster as I felt it would be when I first got his “break-up” email.

I’ve been writing six-word memoirs, à la Smith Magazine.  (I still have no idea if it’s an actual magazine, you know the kind on paper.  Anyway I can’t afford a new subscription, so maybe it’s better I don’t know…)

Here are some of my six-word memoirs on this particular topic:

Met.  Clicked.  Leaped.
Looked.  Saw.  Ran.

“Wow, you too?”  “Not so much.”

Could you please be less messy?

Crowded the plate — got brushed back.


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