I have the laryngitis that seems to be going around.  Yesterday I had a little bit of hoarseness; today I am completely silent.  I suppose it’s kind of comical to see me open my mouth to speak and have nothing come out but a faint whistle.  Nonetheless, I would not mind a return to talkability.

I have to say, though, I have amazing friends, two of whom came this morning (in shifts) to play with Gideon.  (I made Bill call around to see if anyone could help.)

Poor child just doesn’t get it.  He keeps telling me to stop, as if yelling at me will magically make me able to speak again!  And he keeps asking me questions when we’re together, yelling them louder and louder when I try to gasp out an answer that he can’t hear!

Naturally Bill has to work late tonight.  And naturally we are expecting houseguests tomorrow.  At least it’s my parents, who theoretically will be interested in helping out.

I would like very much to have my voice back by Sunday, so that I can earn my paltry salary at church this weekend.

It’s amazing how much depends on the ability to speak.


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