Another stellar week


The week started out wonderfully.  No, really.  The trip to Michigan was such a pleasure, being together as a family was so refreshing — I started this week with a noticeable jolt of good feeling.  Everyone was getting along really well, and we all felt renewed by the time off.

Then the bottom dropped out again.

The first inkling was difficulty in refilling a prescription.  I’d gone to the pharmacy to get a refill of a medicine I’ve been using for the past 8 years for a chronic condition.  I’d made all the necessary calls to get a new batch of refills approved, but when I went to pick it up, the pharmacist said the prescription was out of coverage.  She said it happens a lot in January and is probably related to new insurance cards.  Sure enough, when I got home, there was mail in Bill’s pile from Blue Cross/Blue Shield including new insurance cards.  Back to the pharmacy I went, but when I proffered the new insurance card, the system was still showing the prescription as being out of coverage.

Bill called the insurance company and found out that we no longer have health insurance.

Bill had other business to address with the guys at the gym, and when he called in, he found out that there had been some problems with the person who was administrating the 401k and the insurance policies, and at present, they are not providing health insurance for anyone.  Including us.

The courtesy of a warning phone call?  Not so much.

The rest of the week has been a blur of scrambling to apply for MassHealth, canceling my therapy indefinitely (sob!), searching for a way to get an emergency supply of my medication, praying the children don’t get sick, and trying to figure out the thicket of bureaucracy around health insurance.

And a lot of crying.  Both kinds.

Alongside the fear and disappointment, it’s also been a blur of hearing from friends in the medical and legal professions that they have our backs, getting invaluable help and direction from Julie (you’ve added her blog to your reading list, right?), and feeling an enormous wave of sympathy and support from friends and strangers near and far.  (I really have to give a shout out to my gastroenterologist’s PA, who worked the phones to find someone with the drug company who could help.)  With every crisis, there is this amazing flip side of kindness that is as uplifting as the crisis itself is discouraging.

Still it has not been my favorite week.


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