I’m realizing as we navigate this health insurance business that despite our run of bad luck, we are still incredibly privileged.  I can’t imagine that a single mother working three shitty jobs would have access to such a plethora of doctors and lawyers and health care consultants, but we have been overwhelmed with friends’ offers of support and assistance with making sense of the bureaucracy.  Just by having attained a certain level of education and wealth, we still have resources within the educated, wealthy world, even though we cannot (at the moment) afford to live in that world.  It’s a very weird place to be — not belonging but not entirely not belonging — but the residue of having belonged is very helpful in many instances.


2 thoughts on “Privilege

  1. It’s not that I don’t agree, because of course you’re right. But I worry about you when I hear you talking like this. I mean, the fact is, life has thrown your family a lot of curveballs this last little while. And I hope that through all the “we’re still privileged by comparison” talk, you’re giving yourself permission to be sad and scared about that.

    • wonderboys

      Oh yes, definitely scared and sad. But also doing my best to cultivate resilience, skills, and a positive attitude. (Some days I am more successful at this than other days.) The recent earthquake in Haiti brings it home even more how lucky we are, and the ways in which we have so much more, even in our diminished state, than most of the world’s population!

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