Enough with the doom & gloom


So things have not been very cheery lately on this little bloggy of mine.  I seem to write most when I’m blue, which may leave the one or two readers who have neither ditched nor slit their wrists to think my life is always dire.  Let this list of things that cheer me be a corrective to the notion:

  • The weather has been glorious, which has given us the opportunity to spend time outside with the kids and reconnect with many neighborhood friends.
  • Gideon cracks me up on a daily basis: he is so clever with words!  I had the bathroom door shut one day (a rarity) and he asked to come in.  I said I needed some privacy, and he replied, “I want to be in your privacy.”
  • I splurged and took Akiva to see the Klezmer Conservatory Band at Berklee, the opening event of the Boston Jewish Music Festival.  The performance was sublime, and it was a gift from heaven to share it with my son.  He was enthralled.
  • Bill is making better and better progress all the time with his job and continues to enjoy it.
  • I’m feeling pretty good (a week and counting).
  • My parents are flying us to Mississippi to be with my sister & her family for the first few days of Passover.  (We’ll return on Wednesday 3/31 so Bill can work and I can pick up some extra services for Holy Week.)
  • I got to watch quite a lot of the Oscar broadcast and (better still) had seen a few of the movies it celebrated.  And I don’t just mean the John Hughes films…
  • I had the chance to chant Torah at my Minyan on 2/27 and led the music for this past week’s Kabbalat Shabbat.
  • I was asked to do a reading of a new play.
  • Baseball season starts soon…I think my team gets some kind of rings or something…
  • I have incredible friends, much better friends than I have earned.
  • More and more frequently, I start to feel that our current situation is just a squeeze, not a permanent downward spiral.  Things may even get better.  Meanwhile, we have everything we need, just nothing extra.

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