I see it lists to starboard


About the title: Yesterday was Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday, and I’m still in the Sondheim mood.  Plus, the brilliant and somewhat mysterious Elsa said it was a list kind of day.

Today was a near-perfect regular day:

  • Gideon really wanted to go outside; me not so much, on account of monsoon season, part deux.  The compromise: we blew bubbles on the porch swing.
  • Afterward he sat on my lap on the piano bench.  (He really likes the song “Hinei ma tov,” the full translation of which is, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is to sit together as brothers.”)  He put a songbook in front of me and said, “Play this ‘Hinei ma tov’,” and I played and sang.  Then he turned the page and said, “Now play this ‘Hinei ma tov’,” and so on.  Mind you, none of the songs in the book had anything to do with “Hinei ma tov.”  He reads neither words nor music yet, so after a while I just made things up.  My favorite was setting the text to the first few phrases of the opening of Sweeney Todd.  Why not?
  • He wanted to read, The Carp in the Bathtub.  In the bathtub.
  • He took a really long nap.  Like I had to wake him up to go get Akiva from school.
  • I took the boys on an adventure today, to Natick for Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s.  On the way, we listened to music, peacefully taking turns choosing the tune.  The listening to music part is not unusual; the peacefully taking turns part is.
  • Returning to the car after getting our ice cream — between the umbrellas and the ice cream cone — I didn’t have enough hands, so Akiva held Gideon’s hand to protect him in the parking lot.
  • During dinner (before Bill got home) Akiva decided he wanted to sit on my lap.  Then Gideon decided he wanted to sit on Akiva’s lap.  All that sweetness in one place.  Hinei ma tov indeed.
  • During story time, Gideon “read” to me.  Let’s just say the repetition ad nauseam of certain books has paid off!
  • Serial snuggling.

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