Awesome week at Ima Day Camp


The two boys have been at home with me this summer, and for the most part, it’s been good — sometimes great.  There are moments of exasperation (which there would be if they were going out to day camp, too) but in the main, we have a good thing going.  This week was particularly delicious.  Herewith a recap:


We walked to Waban Square to do errands: bank, post office, and deli.  Deli?  We’ve been making ice cream lately and thought a root beer float would be just the thing.  Thus, a trip to the deli was in order, so we could pick up a bottle of root brew.  The fellow behind the counter looked a little misty when we told him what it was for.  Who doesn’t love a root beer float?

On the way back home, we saw an interesting bug — green, shaped like a shield.  Gideon had finished his snack by then, so we captured the bug in his snack bucket to bring to our wonderful neighbor, who is a biologist and who generously answers every science question Akiva has.  (He’s the one whose doorbell Akiva went to ring when we found this dragonfly several weeks back.)

Anyway, our neighbor invited us in and taught us about the bug we found (it was a stink bug).  Then he showed us some other insects, including a polyphemus moth he’d hatched.

After our impromptu nature lesson, we went home and had lunch.  By then it was too late for Gideon to have a proper nap, so instead we had some quiet time and then came downstairs to make the root beer floats.

Sated with the perfect combination of cold, fizzy, and sweet, we set out for the new, amazing Cambridge Library, where we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the children’s room and getting lost finding our way back to the garage.  Other than having to pay for parking (and an embarrassing error in the Hebrew portion of the welcome sign) the Cambridge Library is fan-flipping-tastic, practically a tourist attraction.


Tuesday morning we puttered about the house and went to the park.  For reasons I don’t quite remember, Gideon didn’t nap again, and so on Tuesday afternoon when we went to the Farmer’s Market, we took the stroller.  I’ve been trying to wean us from using the stroller, because it sometimes makes it hard for the boys to get along if one is walking and the other riding.

Anyway we saw lots of friends at the Farmer’s Market and got delicious corn for the evening’s dinner.  There was a booth for Green Decade and we stopped to see the animals and talk about environmental stuff as well.  Although the kids wanted to get ice cream, I reminded them that we had homemade ice cream awaiting us in the freezer.

Dinner was pink pasta with chard, using chard from our farm share, and it was both scenic and delicious.


Wednesday was the day of hustling concert tickets, described in the previous post.


Thursday morning we did more puttering around.

After Gideon’s nap we went to pick up our farm share, which this week included you-picks.  We always love it when the share allows us to go out in the fields.  Today it was tomatilloes and cherry tomatoes, a pint of each.  The boys enjoy picking food, and I love the opportunity to expose them to the reality of where food originates, i.e. it doesn’t grow in the grocery store.  Our farm is across the street from the Weston Library so we stopped there for Akiva to claim his latest prize in the various summer reading programs he’s doing.  (These are like easy money for him, as he reads voraciously anyway — the prizes so far have been ice cream, a whistle, a drawstring backpack, and a new book, Half Moon Investigations.  Which he’s reading on his own and for which he will get points toward another prize.)


Friday is Bill’s day off from the jewelry store, but he has been spending summer Fridays at the farm.  (He trades four hours of work each week for our farm share, a wonderful trade for all concerned.)  Meanwhile the boys played in our (freecycle) water table and I did some work in our garden at home.

The week was not particularly eventful (except maybe the concert) but it was filled with many joyful moments.

I’ve been trying to emphasize paying attention to the good things in our lives, so it thrilled me on Friday night at Shabbat dinner, when Akiva said he thinks I’m a good camp counselor.


2 thoughts on “Awesome week at Ima Day Camp

  1. Ooooh, sounds like a lovely week all around, with the possible exception of the initial disappointment regarding the concert tix (but all’s well that ends well.) I wrote a column on summer camp a few weeks ago, the gist of which was, I’m so glad my kids went for a little while, as I’d totally be out of my league trying to do it myself.

    But you, my dear, do sound like an awesome camp counselor. Your boys (and your husband) are so lucky to have you. I admire how you’re doing such fun and educational activities with your children. My hat is off to you.

    • wonderboys

      Thanks! I saw and loved the column you reference, and I hope my post made clear that what I’m doing for my kids is nowhere near as intense as what you were imagining. The art projects are few and far between and mainly self-directed. (The kids have a creation station consisting of paper scraps, glue sticks, markers, stickers, old paper towel rolls, etc. and they just do what they want while I hide in the kitchen.) The field trips are mainly to libraries. Or to run errands. Or we pack up some snacks and go to the splash park. (I bring a book.) The days when I do something really special are rare, but Wednesday was one of them, and well worth the effort.

      Also, remember I don’t have another job right now, and (sadly) I’m not preparing a concert, with my sister or anyone else.

      I do have to say, though, I am mainly enjoying Ima Day Camp, and I wasn’t sure at first whether I would. Stop by sometime, and double our pleasure!

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