End of summer


Yesterday was the perfect last day of summer, capping off a spectacular summer.

We made apple-cinnamon bread pudding on Sunday night, so that all we’d need to do Monday morning was pop it in the oven and wait.  It was heavenly delicious!  After breakfast, Bill got the guys organized while I did the dishes and made yogurt.  (Coming soon to a lunchbox near you.)

We spent most of the morning at the Garden in the Woods, which was a great outing.  We took advantage of our local library’s free museum passes and got two free admissions, which put the entire thing well in the affordable category.  The trail offers an hourlong leisurely hike, with a pond in the middle.  Of course we stopped for a while at the pond to look for frogs and turtles (which we found) and snakes (which we didn’t).  There were interesting sculptures along the way — our second stegosaurus of the week — and lovely plants and bugs to capture our interest.  Akiva was completely enthralled; he kept saying, “This is awesome!”  He and I are already scheming to come back some Friday afternoon for a special afterschool date.

After Garden in the Woods, the boys sent me out to the movies.  Heaven!  I saw The Kids are All Right.  Despite the implausibility of the story line, it has some wisdom in it in terms of how complicated human relationships are.  And the actors are all eminently capable of magic.

On the way home, I did some errands (yes, the last day of summer seemed an excellent time to get the poor child some socks) and once home, I joined the guys in the playground across the street from our house.  The weather was sublime, and we were all relaxed and in good moods.  We piled on the fire engine, then we piled on each other.  Then the infamous obstacle course, which Akiva set, and which consequently required a lot of running.  The triumph of not having died of a heart attack right there almost offset the chagrin at having been lapped by a six-year-old.  (At least Gideon did not gang up on me.)

Dinner was grilled eggplant and tomatoes with goat cheese, corn, peas, kale chips, and my most perfect baguette ever.


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