My so-called blog


Every now and then (often, actually) I start thinking it would be nice to revisit this dormant blog and write a thing or two.  There’s too much to catch up on, and I never seem to have the brain cells to follow through on any major (or minor, or even diminished) ideas, so I bag it before I begin.  Nonetheless I have a few short things I’d like to say, incompletely articulated though they be.

Welcome to Lacunaville.

It’s December again, time to be overwhelmed and exhausted.  Each year, December seems to outdo itself in its impact on me and my health, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.  Bill works insane hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I am left holding the fort, a fort which is harder to manage in this crazy time of year anyway.  (More singing jobs, more holiday events, more school things that require parent contributions, etc.)  The past two years, I got sick just before Christmas.  This year I decided to beat the rush.

It is December 16.  I have bronchitis, pneumonia, and a cold.  The trifecta.

The counterweight (and it is a huge one) is my amazing friends.  I have so far received homemade chicken soup, child care help, and a Shabbat dinner invitation.  Coming at me in the next few days: more child care help, a home-cooked dinner, and numerous good wishes, prayers, and continued offers of help.

My own prayer: that when I am in health I will be the kind of friend who merits the kind of friendship I receive.  It’s a tall order, but I will try.


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